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09 May 2017
One of the most tremendously popular weapon is the AR-15. It is the immediate ascendant and  civilian equivalent to military 16 and M4 rifles. As it is very flexible and there are options for virtually endless array of customisation, it has gained much popularity with civilian and government operators. It is really necessary to spend a sufficient amount of time to study the terms so that you can make sure you find the right AR-15 when you are ready to start thinking of this weapon as a mix and match rifle integrating the best parts from many manufacturers. Upper receivers is one the rifle's most vital components that is very important to be understood.

One half of the mechanical core if the AR-15 rifle is formed by the upper receiver. Generally, for the shooting, handling and performance characteristics of the rifle,, along with the lower receiver, the upper receiver is highly responsible. Both the receivers are attached securely by a two-pin system that enables for quick transformations. And stability and reliability are maintained marvellously. 

AR-15's upper receiver has a lot to do with the shooting characteristics of the weapon. So it provides the bolt assembly and firing chamber of the rifle. There is a modular nature of the rifle that makes it easy to change the AR-15 fully by solely exchanging one upper receiver assembly with another.

Upper Receivers Vs. Lower Receivers
In AR-15's world, if you are vey new, keep in mind that there should not exist any sort of confusion between the upper and lower receivers while you are shopping and looking for fabrication, maintenance and modification orientation. But it is seen that it is very difficult to mistake one receiver from the other if a picture is seen having few descriptions to go with.

The differences of the two parts can be easily told. Due to their location and everything to do about what they join with. Usually, the receiver parts connect with each other. To the grip, the stock and buffer tube, the trigger assembly and in the magazine, the lower receiver is connected.
However, upper receiver is attached to the barrel and the lower receiver of the weapon only. 

Every AR-15's serial number is carried on to the lower assembly. If anyone sees from a legal point of view, the rifle is mainly the lower assembly. There are no special necessities to have any special licenses or present any personal information to purchase such weapon.

List of best AR-15 upper receiver
1.High standard flat top upper receiver- Price ranges from $100-$125. Cartridge -223 Remington with matte black finish and style is stripped. Star rating is 4.7 out of 5.
2.American spirit arms- Price is $350, cartridge- 6.8mm, special, 223 Remington , 5.56 mm NATO, 6.5, Grendel ,300 AAC blackout with Anodized Aluminum finish and style is assembled. Star rating is 5.
3.Aero Precision- Price is $85, cartridge- 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO with a desert finish and stripped style.

The list of key parts which are mounted to the upper receiver are:
1.Charging handle
2. forward assist
3. Bolt and bolt carrier group 
4.Delta ring
7.Gas tube or Gas block
8.Muzzle brake

If you want to use upper receivers made by different manufacturers, you should a look at the reviews and test them so that purchasing a specific upper receiver can be made easy. An idea of a definite model's performance can be received by reading the reviews from past customers. For more details about the weapons and receivers, Click here 


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